Why are my HoS logs showing my driving distance as zero? The tablet must remain attached to the mount with the screen on while driving to record distance
How do I correct a mistake in my Hours of Service log? Add a comment to your log to explain the issue(s)
- Tap HoS icon on homescreen
- Tap approprate Driver ID
- Tap 'View Journal'
- Tap the approprate activity (in blue)
    to add a comment
- Then tap 'Save'
Why am I getting a server error while trying to log in? The tablet must be attached to the magnetic mount in order to sync with the server and login

If the tablet is left on the mount after logout, the transponder will go to sleep, turn engine on to wake
Why aren't my Hours of Service logs showing up online? Leave the tablet attached after logging out for thirty (30) seconds in order to sync data
What if my truck doesn't have a trailer? Set the trailer number to zero (0)
- Wake the unit by pressing the power button
- Tap menu to edit the vehicle settings
- Update trailer number to zero (0)
- Then tap 'Save'
What if I cannot login to the tablet? If you cannot login due to a technical issue, use paper logs for the remainder of your shift

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