Workflow for Highway Use Tax (HUT)

The HUT mileage report is sent to you at the beginning of each month for the previous period.

It reports the taxable and non-taxable miles travelled in NYS by vehicle and fleet totals.


  • In order to receive accurate information, transponders must be online
  • Check for offline transponders daily to reduce any possible data gaps
  • Add the report contact to your email client’s whitelist for
    • *
    • *


  1. To receive the HUT mileage report, subscribe to the ‘Monthly Report’
  2. Make sure the box is checked for ‘Monthly Report’ under Settings > My Preferences > Monthly Report
  3. The report is attached to the Monthly Report email as a comma separated value (CSV) file
    1. CSV files are portable and can be opened with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or Apple Numbers

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