FAQ - ELDs and truck rentals

Do I need an ELD in my rental truck?

If the driver is not currently operating under an ELD exemption (they are required to maintain RODS more than 8 days in a 30 day period) and the rental is short term (8 days or less), the driver can use paper RODS instead of an ELD provided they have the following information in the cab:

  • The rental agreement
  • The driver must possess RODS for the current day and the previous 7 days
  • A copy of the Federal Register notice describing the exemption (here)

If you're renting a truck for more than 8 days and the driver requires an ELD, you must temporarily install an ELD in the vehicle: we recommend keeping a spare CarmaLink Pro for this purpose, and setting up the vehicle via the Settings page prior to installing a transponder (identify VIN, CMV number, etc).

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