~AOBRD - Driver cannot update status (DB Error 26)

This help article is for users experiencing Database Error 26 on the Garmin Fleet 670 Tablet (AOBRD)

Please follow the directions below to clear out this error.

  1. Place Garmin Tablet in cradle/mount
  2. Ensure the Garmin is plugged into the black transponder box, which is plugged into your vehicle's diagnostic port
  3. Turn vehicle engine on and leave it running, you should see the Garmin's battery charging
  4. From the home screen on the Garmin, select the ‘Dispatch’ button
  5. Then select the ‘Messages’ button
  6. Select the ‘Quick Message’ button
  7. Select 'Factory Reset' 
  8. This will clear out the Garmin Database Error that is causing this issue
  9. Once the Factory Reset is complete, return to the home screen and log in.
  10. If you still cannot log in, ensure the Garmin is mounted to the cradle, plugged into the black transponder box, which is connected to your vehicle's diagnostic port.

To prevent this problem in the future, ensure you or your drivers are always logging out of your Garmin at the end of a shift.

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