FAQ - Transponder offline

What does 'Transponder Offline' mean?

The transponder is always talking to the website, even if the vehicle isn't moving. If the website hasn't heard from the transponder for more than 24 hours, it indicates there might be a problem with the power connection.

Is the transponder plugged in?

  1. If the cable is connected, remove the cable and then reconnect to power cycle the transponder
  2. If the cable is disconnected, reconnect the cable

Does the transponder have power?

  1. Turn the truck on and connect the tablet to the mount
  2. Turn the tablet screen on, you should see that the battery is charging (green battery icon)
  3. Turn the truck off and if the tablet battery does not continue to charge, the diagnostic port power may be switched with the ignition
    1. Contact Support for a power bypass adaptor to correct the issue

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