Fleet - Drivers

Drivers are allowed to log in to the tablet as well as the driver web portal. They are assigned a username and password that they will use to login to the tablet as well as the driver web portal. Drivers do not have permission to log in to the fleet management website.

You will need to know some information about your drivers to get them set up in the system, check out this step by step guide below.

Adding Drivers

1 Navigate to the Settings page and 
    click on  Manage Driver Info
    then click on +Add New Driver
2 Create a username for the driver

Driver Username (Not case sensitive) 
These should follow a naming scheme  
such as the first letter of the first name  
then the last with the last name 

Randy Johnson would be  rjohnson

(Not case sensitive) 
Between 4-19 characters:   
letters and numbers only  
3 All of the information below is required

Driver's Name
Driver's Email (Not case sensitive) 
Driver's License Number
Driver's License State
Driver's Rule Set
Starting Time (24h)
Driver Timezone
Driver Is ELD Exempt?

Click  Add new driver to complete  

The driver will use these credentials to log in to both the tablet and DrivingLogs.com web portal

Removing Drivers

Note: Drivers that have logged data cannot be removed

1 Navigate to the Settings page and 
    click on  Manage Driver Info
2 Click on the Driver you wish to remove   
3 Click on Remove From Fleet    
read the warning and confirm

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