Setting up users

The three types of users are Admin Users, Standard Users, and Drivers, each of whom can view or edit different levels of the website.

  • Admins can view and edit all the information on the fleet management website
  • Standard users can view information but not edit the vehicle alerts
  • Drivers can't view the fleet management website, however, they can log in to the tablet and the driver web portal

Adding Users

1 Navigate to the Settings page and 
click on 'Users'
2 Click 'Add New User' and enter the 
email address of the user, this will 
be used as their login username
3 Check the 'Administrator' box if the 
user needs permissions to edit data 

Check any email reports the user 
should receive 
Note: This may be edited by the user 

Tap 'Add User' and an email will be 
dispatched to the address provided 
with credentials for logging 

Permissions Chart

While all users can edit their email report preferences and update their password on the Settings page, some permissions are available only to account administrators.
Permission User (Admin) User (Standard) Driver Mechanic
Login (ELOG Tablet)     X  
Driver Log Entries     X  
View/Add Inspection Reports     X X
Login (Website) X X    
View Vehicle Data X X    
View Driver Logs X X    
View Driver Info X      
Add/Remove Users X      
Add Drivers X      
Modify Vehicle Alerts X      
Modify Carrier Details X      

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