FAQ - Swapping transponder to new vehicle

What happens when you replace a vehicle in your fleet?

Don't worry, you can keep your old data while moving the transponder to a new vehicle and keep everything straight.

Here is a step by step guide to get you going:

Remove the transponder hardware and cable from old vehicle    
Click on the vehicle you want to replace on the 'Settings' page  
Then click 'Archive'  
Add any comments: Sold vehicle at auction 
and click 'Archive' 
Now setup the transponder to the replacement vehicle by clicking on its serial number 
If the old vehicle will not be replaced, contact Support to remove it from your account
All the data from your old vehicle will still be available on the 'History' and 'Compliance' pages, along with the date and comments when it was archived.

*Note that archiving transponders does not effect billing status.

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