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Forgotten Email

If you have forgotten the email address for your account, please open a support ticket and we will get you squared away.

How do I log in to the Garmin tablet?

Use your DriverID and Password. If you don't know these, please contact your Fleet Administrator.

How do I log in to DrivingLogs.com?

Use your EmailAddress then your DriverID and Password.

How do I sign my logs?

You can verify your logs on the tablet to digitally sign them, see the Video Training series for more info.

Does my duty status automatically change?

If you are logged into the tablet and your duty status is selected as On Duty, your duty status will automatically be updated to Driving when your truck is moving, and then back to On Duty when the truck remains stationary.

Note: This feature may not work properly if the Garmin is not connected to the mount or if the screen is off while driving

What if there is a missing duty status event in my logs?

You can edit your logs on DrivingLogs.com, see the video training series below.

Do I need to print my digital logs for a DOT inspection?

No, as this is a DOT-compliant AOBRD device and the digital logs on the tablet will serve as your logbook.

What happens if my tablet stops working?

If the Garmin is not functioning normally, press and hold the power button to shutdown and restart the device.

If this does not correct the issue, you must use paper logs (included with your device) and contact support.


Don't worry if you have lost your instructions or backup paper logs, we have you covered.

Backup paper logs (PDF)
DOT Instructions - AOBRD (PDF)

Video Training

How to add a missing duty status

How to edit a duty status

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