Email Reports

As part of staying informed, users have the option to sign up for email reports about their fleet. These reports are sent on a periodic basis: daily, weekly or monthly with appropriate data and data attachments (CSV).


This is the most detailed report, displaying every stop made by every vehicle on your account, along with any outstanding issues that need to be addressed such as offline transponders.


This report summarizes data from the previous seven (7) days:

Idling Travel Runtime
(Assets Only)
Safety Alerts Offline Transponders Paused Transponders
Engine hours
Fuel used
Fuel used
Engine hours No. of alerts Time offline Transponder names


Sent out on the first day of every month for the previous month's activities.

If you are signed up for the Monthly Report, you will also receive an IFTA report showing total mileage broken down by state at the end of each Quarter.

Summary Report

-Total time (per vehicle and fleet total)
 -Total fuel wasted (per vehicle and fleet total)
-Time (%) Time speeding (per vehicle)

Detailed Report (CSV)

Aggregated data for each transponder for the previous month.

Name / Year / Make / Model / Type
Date Start / Report Duration (days)
Transponder Uptime (%)
Distance (mi/km)
Fuel Consumption (gallons/litres)
Fuel Economy (mpg/litres per 100km)
Engine (hours)
Idle (hours)
Speeding (hours)
Speeding / Acceleration / Seatbelt / Total Alerts


Name Year Make Model Date Duration (days) Uptime (%) Distance (mi) Fuel (gal) Fuel (mpg) Idle (hr) Speed (hr)
Joe's Pickup 2016 Ford F-150 2017-11-01 30 99 1419.2 71.02 20 0.2 0
Speed Alerts Accel. Alerts Total Alerts NY (mi) Taxable NY (mi)
0 15 15 1419.1 1387.5

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