Installing the Garmin fleet 790 tablet


By default, the transponder ships with a J1939 Type-2 cable.

Note: Optional adaptors are available for 2013+ Volvo trucks with an OBD-II port or older trucks with a six pin J1708 DLC
  • The transponder is designed to work with the J1939 port on heavy-duty vehicles built after 2004
  • Data such as engine trouble codes and fuel consumption may not be available on all makes/models
  • After installation, setup is required on your account's Settings page in order to receive data
  • It may take up to twenty-four (24) hours after installation for the transponder to come online


Start by connecting the cable to the truck's 
diagnostic port, which is usually located 
in the driver's foot well. 

Next, connect the cable to the transponder.

For E-Log users, connect the data cable
to the back of the transponder

2 Clean the dashboard before mounting.

Peel back the strip on the adhesive pad and
place the transponder on the dashboard,
press firmly down for a few seconds.

3 Log into your account and navigate to the
Settings page and fill out the the vehicle
info for the transponder you just installed.


Why does the website show 'Transponder Offline'?

This means that the transponder isn't communicating with the website. If this happens, try the following steps:

Is the transponder plugged in?

  1. If the cable is connected, remove the cable and then reconnect to power cycle the transponder
  2. If the cable is disconnected, reconnect the cable

Does the transponder have power?

  1. Turn the truck on and connect the tablet to the mount
  2. Turn the tablet screen on, you should see that the battery is charging (green battery icon)
  3. Turn the truck off and if the tablet battery does not continue to charge, the diagnostic port power may be switched with the ignition
    1. Contact Support for a power bypass adaptor to correct the issue

What happens when the truck travels to an area with no cell phone coverage?

Don't worry, the transponder is still recording and saving trips made by the vehicle, but will wait until the signal is strong enough to upload them.


Garmin Fleet 670 Guide
- Hours of Service
- Vehicle Inspection Reports
Updated 3/2017 Download (PDF)
Transponder User Guide Updated 10/2016 Download (PDF)

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