Installing the transponder

Before installing the hardware, make sure you have set up the vehicle on your account. This will make the setup process a lot easier.


GPS Quick Start Guide ( PDF)


  • The transponder is designed to connect with the diagnostic port (OBD, J1708, J1939)
  • GPS performance is best when the transponder is mounted to the top of the dashboard
  • Data such as engine trouble codes and fuel consumption may not be available on all makes/models
  • After installation, setup is required on your account's Settings page in order to receive data
  • It may take up to twenty-four (24) hours after installation for the transponder to come online
  • Installation

    • Connect cable to diagnostic port (OBD)  
    • Then connect cable to transponder  
    • The transponder should power up
    • Clean dash before mounting the transponder  
    • Remove protective film and press firmly down
    • Remove excess slack in cable with ties
    • Secure cable away from vehicle controls  
    • Continue transponder setup on website


    Status Light Description

    No cellular connection

    • Normally takes 1-3 minutes to get cellular connection
    • If no cell connection after five (5) minutes, power cycle
    • Power cycle by unplugging cable and plugging back in
    • If still no cell connection after power cycle, contact support

    No GPS Lock
    • It should normally take 3-5 minutes for a GPS lock
    • For a quicker GPS lock, check line-of-sight to sky
    • If vehicle is located in a garage, move outside


    • The transponder is now online and recording data
    During normal operation, the status light will only stay lit for five (5) minutes after turning green


    • Transponder has stopped working
    • Power cycle by unplugging cable and plugging back in
    • If red light persists, contact support

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